For nearly 20 years, A.S.F. FISCHER B.V. has been the exclusive importer of Tox-Dübel products on the Dutch market. Tox-Dübel is one of the leading manufacturers of plugs in Germany.

Tox supplies a total range of plugs and anchors. In the area of universal plugs (such as the TOX Aska plug), Tox has been the world leader for many years.

Innovations in building materials has resulted continuous growth of the different types of substrates and thus of the necessary fasteners and connectors. In its catalogue and website (see link), TOX therefore pays much attention to providing advice on product applications.



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Fasterner Fair Stuttgart 2015 (Germany)
16-01-2015 00:00:00

From 10 - 12 March 2015 the Fastener and Fixing Industry will once again come together in Stuttgart at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2015


Construction Fair 2015 Utrecht (NL)
16-01-2015 00:00:00

From February 9 -13 the Construction Fair 2015 will take place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.