Fisinox Coloured roofing screws        



Fisinox coloured roofing screws are specially designed for attaching siding, fascia and canopies on wooden supporting structures. Examples include HPL facade cladding such as: Trespa, Abet, Plastica, Ki-Kern, etc. But also fibre cement based facade cladding and rock wool/ rock fibre facade cladding.



The Fisinox coloured roofing screws are made of A2 or A4 stainless steel. In coastal areas we recommend using A4 quality stainless steel. A4 quality stainless steel with a higher nickel percentage and added molybdenum is more resistant to harsh conditions such as sea climates (chlorides), industrial atmospheres (sulphur dioxide) and oxidising acids.


The 30° self-centering point makes pre-drilling the wood unnecessary. The extra sharp point makes the screw easy to centre and handle. This is achieved partly by the sharp screwthread, but also provides an extremely high pull-out force and high shear strength.


All Fisinox coloured roofing screws feature the FIS mark on the screw shank.




Testing / quality mark: 

The head of the screws are provided with a UV-resistant, impact and scratch resistant, two-part epoxy coating. This coating meets the highest requirements regarding durability and load-bearing capacity of the product. The Fisinox coloured roofing screws, the coating and the combination of both are tested several times and subjected to laboratory testing.


The screws are tested to determine the pull-out force, torsion values, and shear strength of the screw.  The coating is tested for impact resistance, hardness and scratch resistance.


Subsequently the combination of both are subjected to a 1000-hour salt spray test, followed by a 1000-hour UV test.


After these tests, none of the Fisinox coloured roofing screws show any damage or colour change and the results of the tests are excellent. The results of these tests are available upon request.


COT Test Report.



Free TX-20 BIT in each package 

The 12 mm head has a special TX-20 impression. This reduces wear on the bits and is particularly suitable for use with automatic drive equipment.

All Fisinox cases include a TX-20 bit. The TX-20 bits are equipped with six pressure points which prevents damage to the enamel. Use a new TX-20 bit for every 100 Fisinox coloured roofing screws. This prevents damage and contamination of the head.



Fisinox Coloured roofing screws are available in more than 1,000 colours. If necessary, we can create and manufacture a unique colour for you. We can therefore guarantee a 100% match for every type of siding.

A.S.F. Fischer has a wide range of standard colours which are available from stock.



Screws should not be tightened too much so as to not hinder the operation of the panel. The borehole should have a diameter of 8mm such that the panel can freely expand and contract in all directions as a result of temperature and humidity changes.

The minimum amount of screws and maximum fixing distances of the plates should respect the instructions for the relevant type of panelling.


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