Woodies® Ultimate screws are well known in the Dutch market since the introduction in 2009. The assortment extended in several areas during the last years, so we continually offer our customers a complete up-to-date program.

Woodies Ultimate assortment anno 2016:

Woodies countersunk head
Woodies Waferhead screws
Woodies decking screws Stainless Steel
Woodies full thread screws
Woodies screws for fence support posts
Woodies hinge screws
Woodies assortment cases

Woodies Ultimate are the perfect screws for the professional builders! 
All benefits:

● easy to use in almost any type of wood, without pre-drilling. 
● extra deep torx impression for better grip on the screw, the bit will be functional for a longer time.
● free bit in every box.
● milling ribs under the head which roughens the material and enables the head tob e countersunk easily and completely.
● shank ribs and special thread, which enables to screw into the wood easier and faster. The shank ribs and special thread reduce the risk of breakage and make batteries last longer. 
● special drill point reduces the chance of splitting the wood; the screw ´grabs´ into the wood better. 
● all Woodies Ultimate screws are packed in sturdy boxes; to be opened at two sides. 
● ETA-approved
● CE-mark
● German ´Zulassung´ for both M6 and M8 diameter screws.


With SHR quality mark! 

Woodies Ultimate screws are provided with the SHR quality mark: the ultimate quality mark for the woodworking industry.


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Head is provided with an extra

deep torx impression. Each box

includes a free torx bit.

The head also bears

the ‘W’ mark, ensuring

guaranteed quality.


• Milling Ribs under the head for

better countersinking of the head.


Shank Ribs make driving

easier and reduce

the tension

on the screw.


Special screw threads allow

for faster sinking.


Special drill point for

wood-on-wood mounting, no

pre-drilling required and reduces

the risk of splitting

when screwing.






Special packaging 

Woodies Ultimate screws come in a special box that can be opened at the front. The box is also easy to open at the top. Each box is also clearly labelled with all the required information.



Use of label colours for the different versions: 



Yellow label: 

– Yellow galvanised range

– Flat button-head Torx screws





Blue label: 

– Blue galvanised range

– Hinge screw





  Grey label: 

– A2 Stainless steel and 410 Stainless Steel range

– Decking screws








 Special Versions: 







1.       Woodies Decking Screw A2 Stainless Steel and 410 Stainless Steel 


The Woodies Decking Screw is a special screw for outdoor assembly of platforms, fascia, banisters and scaffolding.


The decking screw can easily be screwed into the hardest woods without pre-drilling.


The Woodies decking screw is available in two stainless steel versions, namely A2 stainless steel and 410 stainless steel.


The decking screw has a standard screw diameter of 5mm and is available in different lengths.


These high quality requirements, combined with standard Woodies Ultimate characteristics make these decking screws a unique product.





2.       Woodies Flat Button-head Torx Screws 

The Woodies Flat Button-head Torx Screw is a special screw with the same characteristics as the Woodies Ultimate screws. However, the head of the screw is flanged. Because of the enlarged clamping area of the head, the screw can bear a heavier load and fewer attachment points are required. This combined with the well-known Woodies shank ribs and drill point ensures that you can work faster and cheaper.


The Woodies Flat Button-head Torx Screw has a shank diameter of 8 mm and a head diameter of 21mm, which ensures maximum tensile strength. The head has a strong T-40 drive, guaranteeing optimal driving comfort.


The screw is ideal for use in wood constructional work.




3.       Woodies Hinge Screw

Special version of the Woodies Ultimate screw specifically designed for attaching hinges and fittings. Due to the smaller size of the head, it is easier to countersink in the hinge.


The screw has no milling ribs under the head, which prevents damage to the hinge. The smaller head has a T-20 drive and the screw is available in size 4.5 x 40mm.




4.       Woodies Range Case 

This case is filled with the seven most common sizes including:

200 pcs 4x30, 200 pcs 4x40, 200 pcs 4x50, 200 pcs 5x60,

200 pcs 5x80, 100 pcs 6x100, 100 pcs 6x120 and matching torx bits.


The range cases can be supplied with blue or yellow galvanised contents.



Woodies Presentation! 

Are you organising an open day or are you curious about our Woodies screws? We would be happy to come present them on location.




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