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A.S.F. Fischer BV is a large-scale importer and concept supplier of fasteners specialized in the professional construction industry.

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A.S.F. Fischer

With over 78 years of experience, today A.S.F. Fischer BV is an established name in the world of fasteners.

Strong brands

With our years of experience and because we look to the future with a forward-thinking outlook, we are constantly looking for new products and concepts.


We carry a complete range of fasteners, with the package, service and support tailored to the specific target group.

Where to find us

You can find our products and concepts in the professional building materials trade, wood and sheet materials trade, hardware trade, electrical wholesalers, wholesalers in central heating and sanitary fittings and large-scale industry.

Our catalogue

All our products can be found in our online webshop. If you’d prefer to browse through our physical catalogues at your leisure, please visit our brochures page.

The world of A.S.F. Fischer

Connecting. Authentic. Robust. Reliable. With these values and our unique products, services and solutions, A.S.F. Fischer proves that innovation, growth and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand with a more sustainable and better world.

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