CSR and sustainability

A.S.F. Fischer BV is a large-scale importer and concept supplier of fasteners, specialized in the professional construction industry.

Working together, living together and doing together

A.S.F. Fischer BV believes in a world where we do it together.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a form of entrepreneurship focused on economic performance (profit), with respect for the social side (people), within ecological constraints (planet): the ‘triple-P’ approach. A.S.F. Fischer BV links its actions as an organization to this policy.


Environmental factors



  • We like to work with sheltered workshops
  • Working together with foundations for people with disabilities
  • Part-time working
  • Employee education and training program
  • Accredited training company for higher professional education (HBO) and senior secondary professional education (MBO) interns

Environmental factors

  • Community involvement in Lelystad and surrounding area.
  • Promoting a positive working atmosphere within the company.
  • Working on relationships with customers, suppliers and government agencies.
  • No child labor at our suppliers (monitoring).
  • No forced labor at our suppliers (monitoring).
  • Environmental and social aspects at our suppliers (monitoring).


A.S.F. Fischer BV stands in the middle of society. By supporting a range of initiatives we make our contribution to keeping our living and working environment livable.

Based on our business philosophy, we believe it is important to enhance creativity, professionalism and ingenuity.


  • De Lelystadse Uitdaging, Lelystad
  • Beukenrode Activities Fund, Utrecht
  • Herman Bekius School, Lelystad
  • Agora Theater, Lelystad
  • City Marketing, Lelystad
  • Desudo Guide Dog School, Lelystad


  • Uitgast, Lelystad
  • ‘Make the dream come true’ music festival at Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
  • National Oldtimer Day, Lelystad
  • Business Circle Gala Evening, Lelystad
  • Jazz Festival, Lelystad
  • Antarctica 2.0 Sustainability Project, Antarctica


  • Lelystad Mixed Hockey Club sports club
  • JFK Scouting Lelystad
  • Unicum football club, Lelystad

Any questions?

We release a budget for sponsorship every year. If you want your event or association to qualify for sponsorship, please send a request for this with a sponsorship proposal to us by email.

Requests by phone or email and without documentation will not be processed