Products and services

A.S.F. Fischer BV is the connecting link!

We aim to be the connecting link between the trade and the user. Our focus is on the construction professional, and we want to have a presence in every construction project. In doing so, safety, durability and reliability are paramount.

Your partner in fasteners.

We are a modern family-run business with an excellent reputation spanning more than 78 years. Our fasteners are found in buildings that have also been standing for at least that long. That says a lot about our quality, but also about the service-oriented way we work and how we’ve developed as an organization. Because over 78 years of continuous quality doesn’t happen overnight!


For construction wholesalers.

We help our construction wholesale customers select the right ranges, tailored to their target group. We make your life easier with advice, presentation and supply. We work with A-brands and concepts that seamlessly fit the needs of the construction professional. In doing so we not only increase the ease of use for the construction professional, but also efficiency, continuity and service for the trade.

For large-scale industry.

Efficient manufacturing benefits from uninterrupted production. Stocks must always be available on time, in the right place and in the right quantity in your production process, so your production process can always continue and you have no downtime. Fasteners are often a small but absolutely essential part of your process. We provide the right quality fasteners, and our large stocks relieve you of time and planning concerns.

Product and concept development.

Our own brands and concepts for construction stores

Based on a professional and customer-oriented organization, with committed staff, we help our customers select the right ranges and materials. We don’t just supply loose fasteners, we also advise and guide our customers in selling our products so they can achieve good returns and provide quality advice to construction professionals. We provide traffic to and work together on optimal routing and product recognition in the store. A bespoke concept for all!

Certifications and accreditations.

Below you can find an overview of the certifications and accreditations of our company or one of our brands.

Woodies Screws ETA certification.

Woodies Ultimate Screws come with ETA certification. For this certification an independent expert party monitors the production process of the screws and then certifies that the products meet the highest technical requirements of construction safety. This certification has to be periodically renewed. We’re proud that Woodies Ultimate Screws have this ETA certification. This makes Woodies Ultimate Screws one of the few brands of screws that have ETA certification and so meet these highest technical standards.

ISO 26000 certification

At the end of September 2016 ASF Fischer BV successfully completed the ISO 26000 certification process based on ISOFastTrack. ISO 26000 is an international guideline for corporate social responsibility. The guideline is officially called ‘Guidance on Social Responsibility’. ISO 26000 helps organizations define their social responsibilities and provides advice on embedding CSR within organizations.

Like to know what A.S.F. Fischer BV can offer your organization?

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