A New Chapter: Expansion at A.S.F. Fischer BV

Looking back on the year 2023, we can proudly announce that the construction of the new warehouse at A.S.F. Fischer BV was completed on December 21. This time of year is not only the end of a period, but also the beginning of something new and promising.

With an additional space of over 2,500 m2, sustainable facilities such as underfloor heating and solar panels, our warehouse is now not only larger but also more environmentally friendly. The advanced order picking and shipping systems help us work more efficiently, so we can process customer orders even faster.

Although not yet operational, the warehouse was completed on December 21, and now we are seeing the next phase of development. The racks are being built and people are working hard on the power supplies, which are essential for the smooth operation of our warehouse.

As we welcome the new year, we look forward to what is to come. The warehouse is not just a place for storage; it represents a new phase of opportunity and growth for A.S.F. Fischer BV. We thank our dedicated team for their efforts and continue to strive for a sustainable and successful future. A fresh start, a new chapter, and above all, a prosperous new year!