A.S.F. Fischer BV Shines with its own solar park

A.S.F. Fischer BV celebrates a new era of sustainability with the completion of our additional new extensive warehouse, now boasting a beautiful solar park on the roof.

It all started on Friday, March 31 2023, when we drove the first pile for the expansion of our logistics center. Casper Booij, the 11 year old son of our current director Arnoud Booij, had the honor of driving the symbolic first pile, a tradition that is cherished within the Booij-family. After many months of dedication and hard work, we can finally use our new completed warehouse, now enriched with an impressive solar park.

With more than 675 solar panels on our roof, we have created a sustainable source of energy that provides our company with more than 275,000 kWh of clean power per year. This solar park will not only reduce our CO2 emissions by as much as 130,000 kg per year, but also help us become self-sufficient in our energy needs.

This solar park is not only a technological achievement, but also an anchoring of our commitment to a greener future. At A.S.F. Fischer BV, we believe that sustainability is an ongoing effort, and our solar park is tangible evidence of our continued commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

With our completed additional warehouse and sparkling new solar park, we look proudly to the future, as we continue to strive for innovation and sustainability, for our company and the world around us.